On occasion of the ‘Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy’, Da Vinci Classics published a special collection of Sacred Music with various interpreters, among which, Bibiana Carusi.
Spirituality overflows from liturgical music in the strict sense, to wider breaths and soundscapes.
This collection is able to show periods, forms, styles and authors in an ideal combination on the theme of the sacred in its various facets; confessional, metaphysical and transcendent.


Born from an initial idea of recital voice and piano, the Rizzo project was then transformed into a collection of unreleased tracks. The many colours of verse are reflected in the music, which ranges from funky to pop. Produced in 1991by Philstone Das Records, the vinyl brings together classically trained musicians and performers who are inspired by contemporary currents. With blues and jazz contaminations, the funky performance of Bibiana Carusi is composed of melismas and improvisations that seek the evanescence of the voice on the edge of interpenetration with the music.


Third album by Italian rapper Lou X, in which the musician bids farewell to the stage, while at the same time entering into international distribution with EMI (at the time of release BMG). Always accompanied by his Costa Nostra crew, Lou X delivers a politicized rap that thrives on strong rhymes and tells raw street stories. The bases belong to Lou X himself the mixing has been entrusted to Matteo ‘Molecule’ Di Marcoberardino, the artwork to Enrico ‘Mamakiller’ Cannoni. Bibiana Carusi is invited to feature in the tracks “Morning has gold in its mouth”, “Anxiety states”and “Away from here” for Lou X’s intention to combine rap with the expressive possibilities of classical vocalism, finding in the soprano a capacity for musical improvisation that created the liaison sought for the artist’s mashup of the tracks.


In the soprano’s rock period, during the Anagrumba festival, where Italy’s most important independent bands competed, the finalist’s compilation marks the soprano’s debut in the genre and opens it up to a crossover, which would give her ideas for future experimentation. Pink Records records the live Reggio Emilia performance on the 25/26 September 1990 with songs from the following groups: ATELIER NOIUVEAU + HOHP 581 + FLEXI GANG + THE REST + D.A.Y.A. + DORIAN GRAY + BLU MERCADO + FLOR DU MAL + THE ACT + ITALIAN GROUP + MACHINE MESSIAH + LOST IN THE BUSH + FLOWERS BLUES BAND + CHURCH OF VIOLENCE + TROMPE LA MORT.
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