Ever since l was a child, I’ve always felt a deep and sincere connection with beautiful singing. My career as a flutist, soprano, actress and teacher has allowed me to empathise with people in different roles in the world of music and entertainment. This gave me the opportunity to learn empirically how to make the best use of the body and of classical and experimental singing and flute techniques. While learning new approaches and methods from various teachers, travelling and performing around Europe, l learned the importance of mastering the body as an instrument and l understood that the lifestyle, discipline and emotional aspect of my life affected the quality of the concerts. This is what l want to pass on and what l want to teach: to know yourself inside out, find your inner smile and turn your unexpressed potential into talent.


The ultimate goal is to achieve authenticity in one’s own voice and awareness of synchronization with the breath. In fact, it all starts with awareness and letting your emotions flow, becoming able to use your body as an instrument, expanding your vocal range. It starts with an exploration of the voice as the manifest sound of our personality, and then we are able to see all the intimate connections with our inner world. Secondly, voice is essential in establishing successful interpersonal relationships: it affects the appearance and manifestation of a strong charisma. Lessons and workshops are aimed at all voice


Both for beginners and professionals, l have developed a useful method for those who want to enhance their sonority starting from the awareness of their body. I start with the technique of bel canto, while combining yoga and techniques of visual representations and internal vocalization to make the execution smoother.


According to the age group and the objectives of the group or the individual, the lessons will be modulated both in the artistic-interpretative field and in the exploratory field to discover one’s own authentic voice, from amateur to professional level. The method is based on awareness of the intimate connection between breath, posture and vocal emission: the aim is to be able to remain in the creative process of sound through the tuning of the voice on the breath in the body in a fluid and dynamic way, without blocking the natural intrinsic physiological movement.
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